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Before we design a website for your business, we spend a significant amount of time developing ideas for it. We develop those ideas with both your target audience in mind, and your sales strategy. This two-prong approach will help us make your website one that can be trusted by your visitors.

Keeping visitors to your website there increases your return of investment (ROI). We do this by analyzing your sales strategy and how it links up to your customer base. This allows us to understand both better so we can deliver the right message via your website.

  • We do this by engaging you and learning what your philosophy for your business entails. Your website needs to reflect your values and what you can deliver to your visitors.
  • Analyzing what worked and what didn’t work with your previous website by utilizing software that tracks the movements of the people who visit it allows us to review the data and make improvements.
  • The layout of your website is crucial to engaging your visitors. It needs to be organized, so that items are easy to find and making sure that your visitors see what they want to see. However, there are a number of factors to consider, such as how they came to your website in the first place, and which search terms they used. Those are just two of the tools we use to determine layout.
  • The interface design will be mocked up so that a framework can be developed. This logical step will help ensure that all the different parts of your website, the coding, graphics and management options, work seamlessly together.
  • Content management is an important aspect of your website. Depending on your unique needs, we will either customize one for you or use an basic system that already exists. Full training on your particular type of CMS is part of this phase.

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