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Your business logo is an important marketing tool. This importance cannot be downplayed as it is this graphic that is often the first visual a potential customer has of your business. We focus on making logos that are unique to what your business represents. That being said, a logo does not need to highlight your services or the product you sell.

Using the highest quality photography and fonts results in logos that are memorable and instantly recognizable. In designing your logo, we keep in mind that it needs to be flexible enough to translate well across a range of media, from your website to your business card to a roadside billboard.

  • Relying on simplicity keeps your logo fresh and vibrant. While those logos that are most effective are those that use color and text judiciously, they should also be easy to recognize without those effects as well. Unnecessary additions can confuse viewers and make the image appear cheap. Small fonts on logo can make them difficult to read and more likely that viewers will pass them over.
  • We do not like to limit your logo possibilities to only those that show your services or products. However, it should reflect your company in some way, usually by utilizing an aspect of your company’s culture or the values that it holds. These values and the company culture should dovetail with those of the audience you wish to engage.
  • We spend a great deal of time both defining your target audience and understanding them so that we can create an effective logo that appropriately captures their attention. The color and font of the logo is an important part of your logo and they should reflect the emotion reactions you want your viewers to feel. The best logos work well both in color and black and white.

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